Colonel Ilan Ramon lost his life during the re-entry to earth of the Columbia Space Shuttle, after its mission completion.

Ilan Ramon was the State of Israel's first astronaut.
Ilan was in preparation of the mission for the past four years at NASA training base in Houston, Texas.

Ilan and his fellow astronauts, took off to space from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on Thursday, January the 16th at 17:39, Israel local time.
During the mission, they had to perform 80 scientific experiments, of which all were successful!

On their second day in space, Rona, Ilan's wife, sent him a song - "Zemer Nooge" ("Melancholy Song").

On Saturday, February the 1st, 2003, while myself and my family, together with the entire Israeli Nation were watching the re-entry live on TV, the accident occurred.
During the attempt to re-enter earth's atmosphere, towards a successful landing at the
Kennedy Space Center, Florida, the accident happened and the shuttle exploded above Texas.

A farewell departure service from Colonel Ilan Ramon was held at an Air Force base
on Monday, February 10th , 2003.
The military burial service was held in a private family and friends circle, according to
the family's specific request, on Tuesday, February 11th, 2003 at the Nahalal Cemetery.

May He Eternally Rest In Peace.

(All the pictures in this site were shot by NASA and the video recordings were made from channels 1 & 2 of the Israeli Television stations.)

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